People ask me, “What Is Tumblewool?” My usual reply is, “We make things out of wool“, to which I get very quizzical looks. So allow me to expound on that:

We make things that are very useful (out of wool).


We make things that are environmentally responsible (out of wool).


We make things that are colorful (out of wool).


We make things that are artistic (out of wool).


This company definitely carries the GREEN torch with pride and our products reflect that. Our products also reflect a desire for loveliness in everyday life, even if that occurs when doing your laundry. It never ceases to amaze me how people love to select the perfect color of dryer ball. People love color, they love individuality and they love beauty. I think we all do on some level. I think most people also want to leave the earth a better place than we found it, although that choice is at times an uncomfortable or costly one to make. Tumblewool seeks to make that choice a little easier.

Wool dryer balls are our main product line and one that we are very proud of. Why? Because through these little balls of fiber, less electricity is being used and more sustainable resources are being employed- as are local people. Sure, people love the bold colors and we do too. Our dryer balls are definitely putting more color out into the world. But we love knowing that people are using less energy to dry their clothes and that maybe, that knowledge will lead them to make other environmentally responsible choices.

So, please enjoy the woolen goodies and useful things we make. May they brighten your day and make the world a better place.