This past month, Tumblewool had the pleasure of joining other great vendors, farmers and CSAs at the Cazenovia Winter Farmer’s Market in Cazenovia, NY. Having spent two years living in Cazenovia in a mirthful time called the late ’90’s, I was excited to go back to my old stomping grounds and see if the place was as lovely as I remembered it. (It was!)

For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure, visiting Cazenovia will remind you that “Main Street America” is still alive and well, economy be damned. Store front window displays, quaint taverns and collegiate facades make up the bulk of the “downtown” area, ending with Cazenovia Lake stretching out into the sunlight. At least that’s how it looks to a non-student visitor. As a student living on campus, namely a computer design student who’s classes are on South Campus, Cazenovia is a very, very cold and windy place where one big gust of wind can turn you and your every present friend, “Giant Portfolio” into an amateur hang gliding team. But even then it’s still picturesque.

I’d never done a winter market before and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of locals who braved the cold and snow to purchase local wares and produce. It’s encouraging to see the community spirit at work.

Other products

We are excited to be going back on March 16, 10 am-1pm, armed with some new SPRING products! Maybe you can join us!